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LS Levelator是一款能量/响度正常化工具,可以批量处理文件。

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LS Levelator是一款能量/响度正常化工具,可以批量处理文件。这款工具不仅可以利用当前的能量变化,也会考虑响度,执行与感知相关的正常化。批量处理可以帮助广播专业人员高效地渲染语音的动态。

LS Levelator is an energy/loudness normalization tool for batch processing of large amount of files. This tool not only makes use of local energy variation but also takes into account the loudness model to enable a perceptually relevant normalization. The batch process is expected to help localization and broadcast professionals to render the speech dynamics more efficiently and effectively.

Main Features

Automatic loudness/energy normalization batch processing

Innovative global dynamic normalization and segment based processing

Standalone application for Mac OS X and Windows

Process unlimited amount of mono and stereo files


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