Cymatic Audio 发布 uTool 2.0 软件


Cymatic Audio  uTrack 24



for Cymatic Audio LR-16, Cymatic Audio LP-16, 
Cymatic Audio uTrack-X32 and Cymatic Audio uTrack24 has been released.
Thanks to the continuous input of our users, retailers and distributors.
Cymatic Audio engineers ploughed thru hot summer days to incorporate your requests.
The results
- a slicker and much more streamlined workflow
- Support for import/export of synchronized content with multiple uTrack24 
- New Home tab for creating and exploring your projects. 
- Drag and drop support for stereo and multi-channel WAV files 
- Save and load mixer presets in the Mixer panel. 
- Handy project and playlist management features such as 
duplicate projects, duplicate playlists, undo, redo etc. 
- Batch export feature to transfer projects to multiple USB storage devices 
- Time saving Quick Export feature 
- Easy transfer of projects from one computer to another